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About Me

I have been tutoring for nearly  10 years.  When I was a freshman in college (2011), my  professor submitted samples of my work to the local Writing Center and the next day I was hired as a tutor. I had never considered tutoring. Four years later, I was a Senior Tutor helping graduate students with 60 page theses.   It was there I discovered my talent for  breaking down difficult concepts into easier ways for people to understand. 

In 2016,  I discovered my passion for teaching young children  when I began tutoring international students online. 


Recently, I began tutoring my 10 year old brother. I was disheartened to see how behind he was in his studies and how low his confidence was. He ignited a passion in me to help students in my immediate community. It is no longer enough for students to go to school, complete assignments and excel.  Many students need someone who can cater to their specific needs. Not only do I provide specialized attention, but I also provide passion and an unwavering desire to help your child succeed. Let me help your child succeed!